Why babywear?

Babywearing is not only transporting your baby from A to B. It has a lot of benefits for the baby as well as for the parent.

Weared babies cry less

Well, that's a really good thing, if you are a tired mom. For the baby, being close to the parent gives him\her the feeling of comfort and security, so they became calmer. Because of this pacifying effect, weared babies sleep more as well.

Strengthen the bond between the parent and the baby

Being in constant proximity helps the wearer and the baby to understand each other. The baby can see all the time the wearer's face and reactions, the wearer can also pick up the baby's signals even before crying.

Comfort and freedom

Babywearing gives you more freedom than using a stroller. You can go to shopping, get easier to the bus or train. You can easier prevent your baby to touch things around you (this one is also very important nowadays because of the corona).

More time with your older ones

You can spend more time with your older children. Helping homework, playing, anything you want.

Helps prevent maternity blue

Depression after giving birth is not a rare thing. New moms are often feeling overwhelmed by the feelings and by the busy days with the newborn. Babywearing gives the wearer too the feeling of calm. If the baby is crying less, the mom became also less stressed.

Weared babies may grow, develop better

Early skin-to-skin contact, especially in the forth trimester helps the babies gaining more weight*. Can also affect the baby's muscle and bone development, because the baby is constantly moved by the wearer's movements.

Can promote digestion

Good for the babies with colic or reflux, because of the upright positioning.

Promotes healthy hip development

By maintaining the spread-squat position constantly, babywearing has benefits for the baby's hip development. This practice may also decrease the risks of hip dysplasia**.

Because of these benefits, babywearing is becoming more and more popular all over the world by the work of the babywearing consultants.

So, let's wear our babies!