The work of the babywearing consultants

"Why do I need a consultant? Of course, I know how to hold a baby!" This is the question I am going to write about a little bit.

Of course everyone knows how to hold a baby. But the babywearing consultant can also give you advice about the correct positioning regarding on your baby's development and weight. You can also get information about the several carrier types and how to use them.If it is a sling library near to you, you can also try on the baby carriers you like.

The other important question is, what are the rules for wearing your baby safely. What are the things you have to be careful while wearing your baby? A consultant gives you also information about safety and even tips for troubleshooting.

So, let's see a list about what kind of advice you can receive from your consultant:

  • baby's correct positioning
  • information about the carrier types (how to use, how to tie, how to choose)
  • safety rules
  • how to carry your baby on the front, on your back, or on your hip

etc. If you have other questions about babywearing, you can ask  me anytime for more information!